GRL SAS-3 12Gb/s Receiver Calibration and Test Software (GRL-SAS3-RX)


Quickly characterize the electrical performance of your SAS-3 Receiver Design. GRL’s 12Gb/s Receiver Calibration and Test Software for the Tektronix BERTScope™ BSA (GRL-SAS3-RX) provides an automated, simple, and efficient way to test your 12Gb/s SAS Device or Host Receiver to the Jitter Tolerance specifications of the T10 Working Draft Standard. The GRL-SAS3-RX application automates measurements at 12 Gb/s, and runs on any Windows 7 PC or Oscilloscope.

SAS-3 Receiver test calibration is complex, and automation is essential for repeatability. GRL-SAS3-RX enables automated calibration between the BERTScope™ and real-time scope to generate a stressed-signal conditions for SAS-3 12Gb/s Receiver Compliance testing. GRL’s unique ISI channel (SAS3_EYEOPENING) Calibration feature eliminates the need for fixed ISI boards and many external cables and connectors to achieve the specification's very tight SAS3_EYEOPENING tolerance requirements. GRL-SAS3-RX supports multiple Variable ISI Hardware Solutions, including the Tektronix BERTScope™ DPP125C + LE320 Variable ISI, and Artek CLE1000-A2 Low Frequency Variable ISI Generators.

GRL-SAS3-RX allows engineers to automate Link Training and BER validation. Simply select the desired tests to run and work on other tasks while the tests are being executed. The Margin Test feature stresses the Receiver to failure at user-defined Jitter Frequency Steps, revealing the true capabilities of your SAS-3 Receiver design.

Features - Available Now

  • Automate Tektronix 12 Gb/s SAS-3 Receiver MOI (Method of Implementation) using Tektronix test equipment.
  • Perform SAS-3 12Gb/s Receiver Jitter Tolerance and Margin testing at the push of a button.
  • Achieve consistent results with rapid calibration and test execution.
  • Reduce technical risk using an industry accepted calibration methodology.
  • Eliminate the need for fixed ISI boards with unique ISI channel (SAS-3_EYEOPENING) calibration feature.
  • Automated SAS-3 Receiver electrical calibration and Compliance Testing consistent with the Tektronix 12 Gb/s SAS Receiver Method of Implementation (MOI).
  • 100% coverage of Receiver Jitter Tolerance Tests per the SAS-3 Working Draft Standard.
  • Automated ISI channel (SAS3SAS3_EYEOPENING) calibration & Jitter Margin testing at user-defined Jitter Frequency Steps.
  • Support for multiple Variable ISI Hardware Solutions.
  • Simple Setup, Test Execution, and Reporting in HTML and .csv formats.
  • Fully configurable and customizable.
GRL-SAS3-RX - SAS-3 12Gb/s Receiver Calibration and Test Software
GRL SAS-3 12Gb/s Receiver Calibration and Test Software
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