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Thunderbolt™ 3 Receiver Test Automation Software (GRL-TBT3-RXA)

Signal Integrity (SI) Solutions

GRL develops comprehensive Signal Integrity test solutions for compliance and troubleshooting across a wide range of standards and test equipment vendor platforms. Receiver (RX) Automation for Anritsu MP1900A & MP1800A with multi-vendor scopes USB4™ Receiver Calibration and Test Automation Software (GRL-USB4-RXA) PCIe 5.0 CEM & Base Spec (GRL-PCIE5-RXA) PCIe 3.0 & 4.0 CEM Spec (GRL-PCIE4-CEM-RXA) […]

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Thunderbolt 3 Receiver Test Automation Software (GRL-TBT3-RXA) Download Link

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GRL-TBT3-RXA – Granite River Labs Thunderbolt 3 Receiver Test Automation Software For a formal quote and pricing information, contact or your Anritsu sales representative.

Overview & Features

Quickly test your Receiver BER and Jitter Margin to the ThunderboltTM 3 CTS Overview Automate ThunderboltTM 3 Receiver Spec Testing using Anritsu test equipment Perform Receiver Jitter Tolerance testing at the push of a button Achieve consistent results with rapid test execution Reduce technical risk using an industryaccepted calibration methodology Description GRL’s ThunderboltTM 3 (Thunderbolt Alternate mode […]

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Download GRL software, user manuals and other detailed product information PD 3.0 & QC4+ Solution – USB Power Delivery and Type-C® Tester and Analyzer (GRL-USB-PD-C2) GRL USB PD/Type-C Compliance Test Software (Browser) C2 Demo Video GRL C2 Makes it Easy to Test USB Power Delivery Download Browser App User Documentation 2.0 Download Desktop App […]

Anritsu MP1800A

Anritsu MP1800A Receiver Test Solutions:  NEW! Thunderbolt 3 Rx (GRL-TBT3-RXA) NEW! PCI Express 4.0 Rx (GRL-PCIE4-BASE-RXA)

Electrical Test Solutions

GRL’s Electrical Test Solutions include: BERT Receiver Test Automation Solutions  VNA/TDR Test Automation Solutions GRL’s Electrical Test Solutions are built through close partnerships with test equipment companies like Agilent Technologies, Tektronix, Anritsu and Artek.  BERT Receiver Test Automation Solutions As data rates have increased, Receiver Electrical Stress testing is now required for many different standards.  This […]