DDR Test

DDR Interface Overview

Double Data Rate, DDR is the standard for memory transmission. Literal translation of the name can also help understand: each time pulse cycle (clock cycle) has double data transmission. Memory has evolved from the initial DDR , DDR2 , DDR3 , DDR4 to DDR5 . Different DDR standards have different pin positions, transmission speeds, and power consumption. For more information, please read on.


JEDEC Association

Full name is JEDEC Solid State Technology Association, which was established in 1958. It is the leading standards organization for the microelectronics industry, and JEDEC is not affiliated with any country or government entity. The main task of JEDEC is to standardize the production, testing and function definition of products such as solid state storage (SSD), DRAM, flash memory card (Flash card), and radio frequency identification (RFID). For more information, please refer to https://www.jedec.org


DDR Latest Version Specification

The specification of each version of DDR is different. Please enter JEDEC account number & password and go to the following website to check



Test Area

  • DDR can test product types and specifications


DDR Chart1


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