Demo GRL’s Unique USB 3.0 and SAS Hardware Test Solutions at DesignCon 2014

February 14th, 2014 by Admin GRL

Granite River Labs (GRL) will demonstrate unique Hardware Test Solutions for USB 3.0 System Marginality Validation (SMV) and USB 3.0 and SAS Protocol Stress Testing at DesignCon 2014.

GRL’s USB 3.0 System Marginality Validation (SMV) tools integrate Artek’s Jitter and ISI Injectors which will also be available for demonstration.

If you are a Design Engineer, be sure to visit GRL at booth #940 (Artek) for demo or contact Vamshi Kandalla GRL VP & GM for appointments.




GRL’s USB 3.0 System Marginality Validation (SMV) Solutions

GRL’s SMV Solutions incorporate cutting-edge approaches to product validation recently adopted by major IC developers.  GRL’s SMV Solutions augment traditional Real-Time Scopes and BERTs to map out system electrical margin by determining which combination of signal impairments create functional or PHY/Link errors.

SMV solutions are much more cost effective compared to traditional test and measurement equipment and enable:

  • Many parallel IC validation stations to increase sample size and/or throughput
  • System OEM/ODM product validation to ensure proper IC PHY tuning
  • High volume manufacturing testing


GRL’s USB 3.0 and SAS Protocol Stress Test Solutions

Go “beyond compliance” and discover the true performance in hardware across the entire protocol stack using popular off-the-shelf Protocol Exerciser equipment.

GRL’s Protocol Stress Test Solutions incorporate:

  • Protocol Exerciser and Verification scripts, Automation, and operation through a user-friendly GUI
  • Random Error Injection that allows a variety of errors, parameter ranges, and application settings
  • Directed assertion scripts to stress specific use cases and timing budgets across the protocol stack.
 USB USB 3.0 Protocol Stress Test Solution: 

  • Enables functional and performance benchmarking tests on USB 3.0 Peripherals
  • Supports randomized traffic generation and error injection to enhance test coverage and identify corner case issues


SAS-2 & SAS-3 Protocol Stress Test Solution:

  • The most complete commercially available SAS Spec conformance test suite covering up through SAS 12G speeds
  • 700+ test cases covering each layer in full protocol stack (PHY, Link, Port, Transport, Application Layers)
  • Random test engine to achieve even greater test coverage