DisplayPort Certification Process

DisplayPort Certification Process



(1) Become a VESA member

You can go to the association website to check whether your OEM/original factory is an association member (click me to check)

Apply for membership

(Members can be OEM or Branding manufacturers, choose one)


  • VESA  membership online application
  • The VESA annual fee payment method is related to the company’s annual turnover, and is priced in USD


(2)What is CDF/HDCP Form/Family model?

  • CDF (Capability Declaration Form): This form will record the capabilities of your product . The standard test is in progress, and it will be confirmed whether the content you filled in and the test result are consistent. This form is necessary for testing. You need to be a member of the association to download it.  “Download Form here
  • HDCP :  This form is optional. If your product supports HDCP1.x /HDCP2.x, you must provide this document “Download Form” .

For DisplayPort certification,HDCP2.x & HDCP1.x are optional test items, but if HDCP2.x,is supported, it needs to pass the test

  • Family Model list: The main certified model is if there is an extended model (Family Model), no additional testing is required. Please provide the Family Model application form to GRL before the certification, and we will help you submit it to the Association for review. “Download document” . Extended model (Family Model) conditions must meet the following three items:
    • The extended model has no hardware changes (except for the case design/color change)
    • No software & firmware changes for extended models
    • The DisplayPort hardware design on the extended model remains unchanged


(3) If your product is a USB Type-C® connector, you need to provide VIF & USB Type-C® info。

  • VIF
    If your product has a USB Type-C® connector, it supports Power Delivery. VIF is required for testing.
    Vendor Info File (VIF)  records the capabilities of your product PD . When testing, the standard test instrument will need to import this file to compare the actual functions of the product. This file is necessary for testing, please prepare it before sending it for testing.

    The VIF producer announced by the associationhttps://www.usb.org/usb32tools

  • USB Type-C® info

    f the product is a USB Type-C® connector, please provide information about the controller/chip used by the product. This is a necessary document for testing. “Download document


(4) The product has been tested and passed, what is the follow-up process?

If your product has passed the test. You will only receive the Congratulation Letter email sent by GRL.

If your product is to be listed on the official website ( query URL ). Need to do the following:

  • Test at GRL and get Pass report
  • Write to the association to inform the required list on the association website and provide the GRL test report. Association Contact: moderator@vesa.org

(If the above steps are not performed, the product will not be listed on the VESA official website)


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DisplayPort & DP are trademarks of VESA.