DisplayPort Certification Test & Instruments

DisplayPort Certification Test and Instruments Used

  • VESA Product types and test items that can be certified


DisplayPort Requirements for Certification Testing

  • Two sets of test samples
  • CDF
  • Family Model list (only required if there is an extended model)
  • VIF (only required for USB Type-C® products)
  • USB Type-C® info (only required for USB Type-C® products)


DisplayPort Instruments Used

Main Link Electrical test 

  • Keysight scope DSOV334A 33GHz
  • Tektronix BERTScope12500
  • Anritsu MP1900A

Aux Channel Electrical test

  • Keysight scope MSOS254A 2.5GHz

Link Layer test

  • Unigraf UCD-400
  • QuantumData 980

DC Power test 

  • Power Meter

Interoperability test

  • Certified DisplayPort Sink and Source

EDID test

  • Unigraf DPR-100/DPT-120
  • QuantumData 882E

Multi-Stream Transport(MST)  test

  • Dell U2417H
  • ST Micro Aux Monitor
  • Unigraf DPA-400

Billboard test

  • USB test tool: Command Verifier

DP+USB Crosstalk test

Power Delivery test

HDCP test

  • Unigraf UDC-400
  • QuantumData 980


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