DisplayPort Product Certification FAQ

Issues related to membership & test process 

1. VESA member inquiry and application? 

Check if your company is a VESA member

You can go to the association website to check whether your OEM/original factory association member 《click here to check》

Apply for membership

(Members can be OEM or Branding manufacturers)


  • VESA membership online application
  • VESA annual fee payment method is related to the company’s annual turnover


2.What is needed to use DP Logo? 

  • Pass the test
  • Sign the VESA DisplayPort Trademark License Agreement

If your company’s products have passed the test , you need to sign a VESA DisplayPort  Trademark License Agreement with VESA to use the DP Logo.

This document only needs to be signed once for each company, and there is no additional charge.

3. How to check VESA certified products

If your product has passed the test. You will only receive a Congratulations Letter email from GRL.
If your product is to be listed on the official website ( query URL ). Need to do the following:

  • Test at GRL and get Pass report
  • Write to the association to inform the required list on the association website and provide the GRL test report. Association Contact:moderator@vesa.org

(If the above steps are not performed, the product will not be listed on the VESA official website)


4. After the DisplayPort certification test is passed, can the test sample be returned? 

After the sample is certified, it needs to be kept in the laboratory for 3 months and can be retrieved after 3 months


5. How should the DisplayPort logo be used? 

 Refer to the logo notice published by VESA Association 《click here to see guidelines》


6. Does the Family Model need to be certified again? 

The main certification model is if there is an extended model (Family Model), no additional testing is required. Please provide the Family Model application form to GRL before the certification, and we will help you submit it to the Association for review. (Download document) Extended model (Family Model)

The following conditions must be met:

  • The extended model has no hardware changes (except for the case design/color change)
  • No software & firmware changes for extended models
  • No changes to the DisplayPort hardware design


Issues related to product specifications & preparations 

1. Which DisplayPort cables can be certified? 

Passive cables an be certified, and there is no test specification for Active cables, and logos cannot be obtained. If you need to test, please contact the sales staff.

  • Passive cable:  There is no IC in the cable
  • Active cable: cable has retimer or redriver IC


2. Which products belong to the DisplayPort Branch Device category and can be certified? 

  • Monitor that supports MST
  • DP to various Legacy Adapter (DVI/VGA/HDMI)
  • DP over USB Type-C® to various Legacy Adapter (DVI/VGA/HDMI)


3. What is the Pin assignment requirement of DisplayPort?

DisplayPort’s regulations for pin assignment are as follows.
*Source/Sink products must Pin C & Pin E。

4. What is the difference between  DisplayPort 2.0 and previous 1.4 or 1.2 DisplayPort?

Regarding DisplayPort transmission volume, encoding method, EQ, Display Stream Compression (Display Stream Compression), or resolution, the following are unified:*EQ part (blue is Optional).


USB Type-C® & USB-C® are trademarks of USB Implementers Forum.
DisplayPort & DP are trademarks of VESA.