GRL Overview

GRL began in early 2010 with a vision to provide affordable test services to help hardware developers implement high speed connectivity technologies as these technologies become faster and more complex, and harder and more difficult to test. Today, GRL has worked with over 500 semiconductor and system companies providing end-to-end Engineering Services and Test Solutions from our world-wide test facilities and R&D centers.

GRL specializes in enabling new and emerging technologies, working closely with early adopters, standards committees, and leading test equipment manufacturers to develop test methodologies and provide early test solutions. We stay at the forefront of these technologies and provide our customers with “insiders” know-how and hands-on expertise, and providing the “glue” that brings these technology ecosystems together.

GRL distinguishes itself with deep technical engagement well beyond traditional “compliance” test services. Most of GRL’s energy goes into stress testing and characterizing early IC and System designs “beyond compliance”, debugging R&D and field issues, and developing Test Solutions and test methodologies for new technologies.

A trusted partner of small up-and-coming hardware developers to some of the largest companies in the world, GRL combines recognized industry experts, high performance test equipment, automated test solutions, and convenient locations to provide the utmost in customer service and robust, user-friendly tools. Together with our customers we overcome challenges with designing and validating early stage products and new connectivity technologies