Overview & Features

Return loss test for Thunderbolt

Product Overview

GRL’s Thunderbolt Return Loss Test Application Software (GRL-TBT3-VNAA) provides an automated, simple, and efficient way to test return loss of Thunderbolt hosts and devices per return loss requirements of the Thunderbolt Compliance Testing MOI. The GRL-TBT3-VNAA application automates PORT A and measurements of Thunderbolt Device/Host and runs on any Windows 7 or Windows 8 OS-based PC or VNA.

Key Features

  • Automate Thunderbolt Return Loss testing using MS46524B Series Vector Network Analyzer.
  • Minimize human intervention to complete Thunderbolt Return Loss tests.
  • Automate Host/Device, PortA and PortB testing in single session.
  • Automate Tenlira based u-Controller to control DUT.
  • Simple setup, test executions and reporting in pdf format.
  • Customizable stress testing testplan (Required GRL kayaQ Framework license)

Application Specifications

  • Anritsu MS46524B Series Performance Vector Network Analyzer with the following option (MS46524B-020)
    • Anritsu TOSLKF50A-20 Coaxial Calibration Kit
    • MS46524B Option 002 Time Domain Option
  • Wilder Thunderbolt 3 Gen2 uController (TBT- TPA-UHG2, Part No. 640-0535-000)
  • Wilder Thunderbolt 3 Test Fixtures
  • Rosenberger Jack-SMP Jack Adapter (02K118-K00S3)
  • Matched Cable Adapters