GRL Trusted & Interoperability Testing

In today’s connected world, products no longer work in a vacuum.  Ensuring a good user experience now means that different products need to work seamlessly together.  GRL offers the following options to help developers achieve this goal.

OEM Product Compliance Testing

Macbook Pro FR left side interface on top of box

GRL partners with leading OEM’s like Apple to develop custom test programs that other companies can test to and ensure that users get the best experience using these products together.   These test programs include test methodologies, tools, accessories, and automation.

Contact GRL today to find out more about what OEM Trusted Test programs are available.


Interoperability & User Experience Testing

OEM Product Compliance Testing

GRL offers interoperability and compatibility on hundreds of end products and silicon reference designs covering all major brands and IC platforms.  GRL has unique insight on IC’s and products are used for what applications and can select a suite of devices to maximize test coverage for the target application.  GRL also has relationships with companies throughout the ecosystem, allowing for joint debug and troubleshooting with other device companies if problems occur.  Contact GRL today to find out the latest products in GRL’s interoperability test bed.

GRL also performs and collects user experience reviews on how well products work together with other products.  Examples of these types of user reviews can be found at, the world’s largest online interoperability  database allowing users to discover and share what products are trusted to work with each other.