GRL BC Sink Testing Accessory Board (GRL-USB-PD-BCSINK)


BC Sink Testing Accessory Board. BC Sink testing extension board used for testing the Battery Charge Sinks to check the backward compatibility with BC 1.2. It comprises the following:

  • BC Extension Board - to support the BC 1.2 sink test cases.
  • GRL-C2-EXT5 Extension Board - for GRL-USB-PD-C2 test controller, used to:
    • Control inputs/outputs from C2.
    • Control BC Extension Board.
  • GRL-F1R-TBT-Cable - Thunderbolt input/output test cable, used for connecting GRL-C2-EXT5 extension board with GRL-C2-BC- extension fixture.

Note: Detailed test items can be found in the user guide.

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