GRL-USB3-PROTO USB 3.0 Performance & Protocol Stress Test Suite

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Developed in collaboration with Teledyne LeCroy, GRL’s USB 3.0 Protocol Performance & Stress Test Suite (GRL-USB3-PROTO) allows LeCroy users to make the most of their Voyager investment. In the past, LeCroy users had to develop their own scripts to implement functional and protocol stress tests. Now, with GRL-USB3-PROTO Voyager users can instantly read enumeration information, run raw performance benchmarking, perform randomized protocol stress testing, and characterize protocol error margin tolerance. GRL-USB3-PROTO offers the ease of use of Windows PC-based tools without the driver, OS and system loading effects that impact performance. And, GRL-USB3-PROTO offers precise error injection control and detailed protocol trace logging capabilities available only on the Voyager. Compatible with any Windows 7/8 PC, GRL-USB3-PROTO unlocks the Voyager’s full potential and allows USB developers to easily and quickly optimize the performance and robustness of their USB 3.0 products.  
  • Easy to Use – No need for script creation. User-friendly GUI
  • Full Control – Highly controllable and configurable Error Injection and Benchmarking
  • Full Visibility – Understand bottlenecks and optimize performance
  • No Limits on Device Performance – Test with an ideal link partner for consistent response time results with no O/S or driver effects.


Raw Performance Benchmarking
  • Leverage FPGA based host for performance benchmarking under ideal conditions
  • Run low level multiple SCSI reads and write commands and measure raw performance without having to deal with driver or operating system overhead
  • Specify read/write addresses and choose between sequential or random addressing
  • Define read/write data block sizes and patterns
  • Produce verifiable performance metric reports backed by full protocol traces
  • Optimize performance to show much higher read/write metrics compared to PC tools
  • Add various protocol errors and non-ideal conditions to determine impact on performance
Protocol Random Error Injection & Margin Tolerance
  • Determine protocol error injection impact on USB 3.0 Device stability and performance
  • Select individual or a combination of protocol errors to assert on DUT
  • Select from a range of random error injection parameters and iterations
  • Select from a range of random size storage memory transfers and transfer iterations
  • Automatically generate exerciser scripts for each iteration and continually step through different random parameter combinations
  • Perform automated characterization of DUT’s protocol error margin tolerance for each error
  • Explore how combinations of errors can create problems even within operating ranges of error parameters showing no problems when error parameters are run individually
  • Increase test coverage and probability to identify issues
  • Produce detailed traces and error injection logs showing error injection history

Supports USB Mass Storage Class Peripherals. Other classes available upon request.

GRL-USB3-PROTO USB 3.0 Performance & Protocol Stress Test Suite

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