HDMI Test Process

HDMI Test Process


(1) HDMI LA Member

You can check whether the OEM/factory is a member of the association on the association website

(Members can be OEM or Branding manufacturers, you can choose one)

Apply for membership

  • HDMI LA online application
  • Application contact person signs Agreement
  • payment completed
  • Applicants will receive a set of ID and password that means the application is successful

Membership fee & royalties 
You can refer to the annual membership fee and royalty fees  published on the association website.

(2)What is CDF & HDCP Form?

  • CDF (Capability Declaration Form): This form will record the capabilities of your product . The standard test is in progress, and it will be confirmed whether the content you filled in and the test result are consistent。This form is required for testing . You need to be a member of the association to download the form 《Download form》
  • HDCP : his form is optional. If your product supports HDCP1.x /HDCP2.x, you must provide this document《Download form here》

  • Family Model list: When performing ATC certification, the main certification model is an extended model (Family Model), no additional testing is required. Please fill in the Family page in the CDF and submit it to GRL before certification, and we will help you submit to the Association for review. Extended model(Family Model)conditions must meet the following:
    • The extended model has no hardware changes (except for the case design/color change)
    • No  software & firmware changes for extended models
    • There is no change in the HDMI hardware design on the extended model

(3) 拿到After getting the certificate provided by GRL, you need to apply for the HDMI Confirmation letter on the HDMI Association website


HDMI 1.4b/2.1 Source/Sink/Repeater/Cable application page


HDMI Premium Cable application page

(If this process is not completed, you cannot buy Premium Logo tags)


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