HDMI Certification Test Items & Instruments

HDMI Certification Test Items & Instruments Used

HDMI Product types and test items that can be certified

Although the names of the following major items (Electrical test) are the same, the actual test items will vary depending on the product category.



HDMI Certification Test Required 

Refer to the filling method of CDF & HDCP


HDMI Certification Test Items

Electrical Test

  • Tektronix DPO72004C
  • Keysight M9505A

Protocol Test

  • Keysight U4998A
  • Keysight M9505A
  • QuantumData 980

Voltage Test

  • Keysight E3634A
  • Advnatest R6240A
  • HIOKI 3522-50


  • QuantumData 882
  • Yokogawa DLM2024

Impedance Test

  • Tektronix DSA8200
  • Keysight E5071C


  • Simplay Labs SL8800

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