HDMI Testing

HDMI Interface Overview

High Definition Multimedia Interface, HDMI, integrates digital video and audio transmission, and can transmit audio and video signals at the same time with the same cable. HDMI can be used in TV boxes, stereos, personal computers, DVD players, screens, etc., and is widely used.

HDMI Official Certification Association HDMI LA

HDMI Licensing Administrator (HDMI LA) the responsible unit for registered members. It regularly organizes various learning, promotion and publicity activities related to HDMI technology. It also sets the test specification for HDMI 1.4b . If you want to know more related information, please refer to the association website : www.hdmi.org .

HDMI Forum

he HDMI Forum is a non-profit organization that brings together world-class excellent manufacturers and is also an official authorized organization of HDMI LA . The HDMI 2.x certification specification was also discussed and formulated by the HDMI Forum . Their main task is to develop future versions of HDMI specifications and technologies, and create a complete and compatible HDMI ecosystem. For more information, please refer to www.hdmiforum.org .

HDMI Latest Specification

High-Definition Multimedia Interface Specification Version 2.1-November 13, 2017


Certification Area

  • Product types and examples that can be certified by HDMI
    • Source
    • Sink
    • Repeater
    • Cable
    • Connector

Technical Tools Zone 



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