Overview & Features

Comprehensive, Fast, Cost-Effective One-Box Solution for Cable Production Testing


GRL-S2T provides a fast and easy way for anyone to test cables for manufacturing defects and signal integrity specification requirements.  GRL-S2T provides comprehensive test coverage in seconds at a fraction of the cost of similarly-capable bench test equipment.

  • Signal Integrity – Insertion Loss, Impedance, Crosstalk, Mode Conversion, Intra-Pair Skew, Eye Diagram Simulation
  • Power Integrity – Open/Short, IR Drop, Ripple
  • Time-Domain Reflectometry (TDR) automation

GRL-S2T offers accuracy and resolution of a high-bandwidth VNA using state-of-the-art TDR-based differential step pulser and receiver, at a fraction of the cost.

Test any interface/connector form factor (USB Type-CTM, HDMI, etc.) with field-swappable interface adapter boards.  Integrate switch matrix to test multiple cable high speed lanes.

GRL-S2T offers comprehensive real-time analysis and reports to identify signal integrity performance trends and outliers across high-volume cable production data.

Key Features

  • Similar performance of high-bandwidth VNA at a fraction of the cost (20ps Edge Rate, 20 GHz Bandwidth)
  • Flexible modular approach allows easy testing of any type of cable
  • Adaptable for R&D bench level and high-volume production “pass/fail” testing
  • Easily integrated with other GRL solutions for Power and Protocol testing