Overview & Features

Ready-to-use automation environment to overcome next generation bench testing challenges


  • Enterprise-quality, ready-to-use automation environment.
  • Tailored for the needs of IC high speed interface bench characterization labs.
  • Comprehensive test workflow, data management, reporting, and analysis.
  • Supports all major test equipment vendor platforms.


Engineers managing bench testing of high speed interfaces face increasingly difficult challenges. The volume, complexity, and cost of testing continues to increase with higher data rates and ever more specifications to cover. Legacy equipment often doesn’t support new high speed interface standards, and off-the-shelf test solutions have limited support for multiple equipment platforms, remote control, or data aggregation and reporting. As a result, engineers spend too much valuable time coding test automation that’s hard to scale and support.

GRL’s Universal High Speed Bench Test Automation Framework ‘KayaQ™ ’ is an enterprise-quality, Windows 7 PC-based, ready-to-use automation environment for labs overcoming the next generation challenges of bench testing. The world’s leading provider of high speed interface PVT characterization test services, GRL developed KayaQ™ to address the gaps in available tools for high speed interface characterization. KayaQ™ provides a ready-to-deploy automated test solution for testing of high speed interfaces, tailored for the needs of volume bench-level IC PVT characterization.

KayaQ™ handles test workflows, test sequencing, data management, reporting, and analysis, all via an easy-to-use GUI, a freeing engineers higher value tasks. Non-programmers can develop scripts using GRL visual script environment with convenient equipment API libraries. KayaQ™ users can start testing Day 1 using KayaQ™ ’s standard features and add customized features without having to write code. With KayaQ™ , users can easily integrate existing code and executables from any common programming language, and further customize KayaQ™ and develop low level device-specific control scripts using their preferred programming language or directly with the KayaQ™ GUI.

KayaQ™ supports all major test equipment vendor platforms, freeing engineers to get the most out of equipment already in the lab. KayaQ™ integrates automation applications from leading test equipment vendors via API, and fully supports GRL’s expanding array of compliance test automation applications.

Key Features

Features – Available Now

  • Supports all major test equipment vendor platforms.
  • Comprehensive test workflow, data management, reporting, and analysis.
  • API integration with automation software from leading test equipment vendors.
  • Supports all GRL compliance test automation applications.
  • Integrates device control to enable and configure test modes.
  • Supports test script development in LabView, Python, C++, C#, and Visual Basic.
  • Supports remote control from external software over TCP/IP, serial, etc.
  • One-button data upload to central report management server.
  • Automatically generates comprehensive .pdf and .csv reports of aggregated data over multiple test runs.
  • Implementation support and customization services available.
  • Runs on any Windows 7 PC.