Overview & Features

Quickly characterize the electrical performance of your PAM4 Receiver Design


GRL’s PAM4 Receiver Calibration and Test Software (GRL-PAM4-RX) provides an efficient way to test your PAM4 Receiver to the Jitter Tolerance specifications of the IEEE Chip-to-module 200 Gb/s four-lane Attachment Unit Interface (200GAUI-4) and 400 Gb/s eight-lane Attachment Unit Interface (400GAUI-8) for Hosts.

GRL-PAM4-RX automates the PAM4 stressed eye calibration following the IEEE 802.3bs specification using the Anritsu MP1800A dual-channel BERT in conjunction with the Tektronix DPO70000SX 70 GHz real-time scope at 53.125Gbaud/s (26.5625Gbps). GRL-PAM4-RX integrates required CTLEs and PLL, and achieves thorough analysis of the PAM4 eye diagram using the Tektronix PAM4 Analysis Application. GRL-PAM4-RX automatically measures PAM4 Eye Height @ 1E-06, Eye Width @ 1E-06, Vertical Eye Closure (VEC), and Waveform Linearity.

GRL-PAM4-RX runs on any Windows 7 PC and above or oscilloscope.