PCI Express Product Certification FAQ

Membership & test process related issues

1. PCI Express® membership application? 


2.How to check the products that have passed PCI Express

The PCI Express Integrator List can query products that have passed certification: https://pcisig.com/developers/integrators-list

Note: After your product is certified, you need to fill the Product Listing Request Form to be listed on the official website。You can apply here: https://pcisig.com/user/login?destination=node/add/integrator-list-item


3. Can PCI Express testing only be certified in PCI Express Workshop 

Yes. At present, the association has not delegated any laboratory to directly issue certification. The laboratory can only provide pre-test services, and the certification part needs to go to the Association Office Workshop to obtain the certificate: 

For association activites, please refer: https://pcisig.com/events


4. After PCI Express test is completed, can the samples be returned? 

Yes, for the third question, the laboratory can only provide pre-test services, so the samples can be retrieved after the test is completed.


Product specification & preparations related issues 

1. What PCI Express products can GRL test? 

The following types of products can be pre-tested GRL:


2. What do I need to prepare for PCI Express test? 


3. What function does the sample need to have during the PCI Express test? 

When testing, the side object must be able to maintain the continuous transmission function to have a signal to test.

Please “Contact GRL” to ensure that your product can be tested.


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