PCI Express Test Process

PCI Express® Test Process


(1) Apply for VID and membership registration

If you want To obtain PCI Express certification, you or your customer (brand company) must have a PCI Express  VID (Vendor ID) and obtain the website account password for product registration.


(2) Test product application form 

The form records the information that needs to be presented on your report, please fill it in and provide it to GRL when submitting the test. “Download Form”

Among them, the product support speed and the method of entering the test mode are important information, please confirm and provide it. The test will be executed according to the content you fill in.

If you have any questions, please Contact GRL at info@graniteriverlabs.com


(3) Test Report

The PCI Express test report provided by GRL is a self-test report. If your product needs to pass the official certification of association please refer to (4)


(4) Obtained official certification from the association 

For all PCI Express products, certification testing needs to be tested in association activities. If they pass, they can be certified. For association activities, please refer to: https://pcisig.com/events

PCI Express is a registered trademark of PCI-SIG