SD Test Process

SD test flow


(1) Become a member of the SD association

Check whether your company is a member of SD Association:

If your company is not yet an SD member, please click here to apply for membership:

SD membership types, fees and rights

If your company is still in the R&D stage and needs to be in SD-related specifications, you can prepare the following materials to apply for temporary contract qualification (non-member), Email:

  1. Sign a formal confidentiality agreement (NDA) “Form Download”
  2. Application fee: USD 1,000 (if your company becomes a full member within 90 days after signing the NDA, USD 1,000 can fully deduct the membership fee)

General membership benefits and fees


(2) Send samples & send test sample data sheet

  • Please provide 2 samples for testing
  • Before the test starts, please provide product information to facilitate the test “Form Download”


(3) Sign the right to use the Logo

After passing the test, your company needs to sign an SD card association license agreement with the SD Association to be able to use its Logo “Download Form”

SD is a trademark of SD Association.