SD Testing FAQ

Membership & test process related issues

1. Is my company an SD Association member? How can we apply? 

 Check whether your company is a member of the SD Association:

If your company is not an SD member, please click here to apply for membership


2. What are the SD membership types, fee and rights? 

 If your company is still in the R&D stage and needs to be in SD-related specifications, prepare the following materials to apply for temporary contract qualification (non-member) Email :

  1. Sign a formal confidentiality agreement(NDA)
  2. Application fee: USD 1,000 (if your company becomes a full member within 90 days after signing the NDA, USD 1,000 can fully deduct the membership fee)

General membership benefits and fees



Products specifications &preparations related issues

1. What is the speed class and classification of the SD card?

The speed grade of SD card will be divided into three aspects (the higher the number, the faster the speed)

  1. Speed ​​grade: C2 (2MB/sec), C4 (4MB/sec), C6 (6MB/sec), C10 (10MB/sec)
  2. UHS speed class: U1 (10MB/sec) & U3 (30MB/sec)
  3. Video speed rating: V6 (6MB/sec), V10 (10MB/sec), V30 (30MB/sec), V60 (60MB/sec), V90 (90MB/sec)




2. Who can I contact if I have other SD-related questions

If you have more questions,

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