Thunderbolt Return Loss Compliance Test Software for the Keysight E5071C ENA

Quickly and reliably test Return Loss on your Thunderbolt design


  • Test Thunderbolt Return Loss at the push of a button.
  • Achieve consistent Return Loss results with rapid test execution.
  • Control your Thunderbolt DUT via Tenlira-based uController.


GRL’s Thunderbolt Return Loss Test Software (GRL-TBT-ENA) provides an automated, simple, and efficient way to test return loss of Thunderbolt hosts and devices per the requirements of the Thunderbolt specification with your Keysight E5071C ENA. GRL-TBT-ENA runs on any Windows 7 or Windows 8-based PC or the E5071C ENA.

GRL-TBT-ENA provides full step-by-step test guidance for DUT connection, calibration and test execution for Thunderbolt Host/Device, PortA and PortB testing. Test parameters and pass/fail limits are automatically set up according to the Thunderbolt compliance test Method of Implementation (MOI). GRL-TBT-ENA generates a comprehensive test report, saving test engineer's work load and time.

Key Features

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  • Automates Thunderbolt Return Loss testing using the Keysight E5071C ENA Series Network Analyzer consistent with the GRL Method of Implementation (MOI).
  • Automates Host/Device, PortA and PortB testing in single session.
  • Automates Tenlira-based uController for DUT control.
  • Simple setup, test execution and reporting in .pdf or .csv format.
  • Customizable stress testing (requires GRL KayaQ™ General Test Automation Framework license).
GRL-TBT-ENA - Thunderbolt Return Loss Test Software for the Keysight ENA.
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