Thunderbolt™ Certification Process

Thunderbolt™ Certification Process

Before the Thunderbolt certification is officially sent, a pre-test report must be submitted. After the report is checked, the next stage of the formal certification process will proceed

  • Pre-certification process (Pre-Cert, yellow area)
  • Certification process (Certification, blue area)

Thunderbolt Certification Process Chart



(1) Register Thunderbolt™ account & sign NDA

Before making Thunderbolt™ products, you need to sign an NDA with Intel and register a Thunderbolt™ account.

Thunderbolt™ account application URL:


(2) Provide Product information 

The basic information of the product needs to be provided during testing to facilitate report production.

Form download:


(3) Sample delivery

Samples sent to GRL (Host: 2~3 samples; Device 4 samples)


(4) Why provide the most suitable Preset value

Intel provides a preset Preset value, but because of the different DUT wiring design, the signal attenuation is not the same. It needs to be tested to select a set of most suitable Preset values. Before testing the Thunderbolt™ Transmitter, GRL will help you find the Preset value for your test and select the most suitable DUT. The customer is required to provide the updated NVM, and subsequent Thunderbolt™ Transmitter tests need to be tested based on this Preset value.


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