Thunderbolt™ FAQ

Before testing

1. What is the Thunderbolt™ certification process? 

For the certification process, membership application, and test preparation documents, please refer to the Thunderbolt™ test process


2. Do Thunderbolt™ products need to use a certified connector? 

Thunderbolt™ products need to use certified connectors. Please confirm the following link and log in to your company’s account password to view.


3. What is required before Thunderbolt™ certification test? 

《For details, please refer to the Thunderbolt™ process


4.  Setting and precautions for the Thunderbolt™ test sample

  1. Before sending for testing, please make sure that the function of your prototype is normal, connect the relevant interface connector, its function is normal display and transmission
  2.  Thunderbolt™ needs to be Force Power on, Force Power on (that is, to be able to force Thunderbolt™ function)

For details, please 《 contact GRL》to ensure that your product can be successfully certified


Issues related to testing

1. Why do I need to modify the Preset value for Thunderbolt™  testing? Can I not use the preset NVM provided by Intel? 

Intel provides a preset Preset value, but the DUT has different signal attenuation due to different design lines. It needs to be tested to select a set of most suitable Preset values. Before testing the Thunderbolt™ Transmitter, GRL will help you find the Preset value for your test and select the most suitable DUT. Customers are required to provide the updated NVM, and subsequent Thunderbolt™ Transmitter tests need to be tested according to this Preset value.


2. My product has a Family Model, do U still need to test it

Please contact the Intel PAE responsible for your company and provide the product block diagram for Intel’s reference. Intel will determine whether your product needs to be retested.


Issues related to testing?

1. My product has a passed Thunderbolt™ certification. Can I find it on Intel’s website?

This page can view the certified products:


2. Can I take the samples back after passing Thunderbolt™ certification? 

Yes, you can get the samples back 6 months after passing the certification.




Intel和Thunderbolt™ 是Intel的註冊商標及研發產品。