Thunderbolt™ Test

GRL was the first certification lab in the world qualified by Intel Corp. and has been a key contributor to the development of the Thunderbolt ecosystem.

Thunderbolt 3 and earlier Devices (AV, Storage, and PCI Express Expansion) & Hosts Mac and Windows platforms

  • GRL performs all tests required for Thunderbolt certification & pre-certification. Contact GRL for more details.


Overview of Thunderbolt™ Interface 

Thunderbolt™ is a high-speed interface technology developed by Intel. It uses a USB Type-C® connector, combined with PCI Express, DisplayPort, and USB Power Delivery. It integrates data, audio, video, and power transmission functions. It transmits speeds up to 40Gbps and is versatile.  There are a wide range of products using Thunderbolt interface, from desktops, monitors, external graphics cards, external hard drives and network storage devices.

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Thunderbolt™ Specification 

Thunderbolt™ Interconnect Specification Revision 1.5, Draft 0.8, October 2017

Certification area

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