Overview & Features


GRL’s UHS-II Interposer Boards (GRL-UHSII-TPA) allow SD Card and Host developers to readily monitor transactions and perform compliance tests, power measurements, and manufacturing testing.

GRL-UHSII-TPA UHS-II Interposer Boards are ideal for signal acquisition with GRL-UHSII-DEC Scope Protocol Decode software and GRL-UHSII-EMU UHS-II Protocol Card and Host Tester (sold separately).


  • Easy to use on any UHS-II system
  • Probing Pad on the interposer to probe high speed signals
  • Legacy SD card Probing Pad available
  • Supports signal capture up to 1.56Gbps
  • Current Monitor Available for 1.8V and 3.3V Power Supply
  • CD/WP Monitor Pins