USB Power Delivery and Type-C® Tester and Analyzer (GRL-USB-PD-C2) – Beta

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Granite River Labs Inc. (GRL) is pleased to announce the BETA release of GRL-USB-PD-C2 USB Power Delivery and Type-C® Tester and Analyzer

This version is intended to be used for the upcoming USB-IF Compliance Workshop #113.

Software Version


Key updates:

  • Added the functional MOI tests for the Provider, DRP & Consumer DUTs.
  • Bug fix: In Communication engine Phy_msg test tester sending the \ request message with 0.5A it is changed to 1A.
  • Bug fix: Power Delivery 3.0 SNK3.E13 & SNK3.E14 tests, added validation of APDO request from the DUT.
  • Updated the warning comment description for the deterministic test TD.PD.CP.E2.
  • Enabled option in Advanced plot to Zoom out Horizontal scale while running in live mode.
  • Enabled option to display the decoded PD packet details in the box automatically if user clicks on the PD message.
  • Updated to show a mouse hover text message for buttons like vertical Zoom in, Zoom out, scaling etc., in the advanced plot.
  • User can select channels and run the plot dynamically without API/Software selection. Using Plot window user can change channels as per the requirement.
  • Updating the loaded file name on top bar of the signal plot window in the offline mode.
  • Updated Filter to take the only grltrace files in load waveform window.
  • Freeze the max zoom level if plot reached maximum zoom point.
  • User can save the trace file from the advanced signal plot in between execution of the compliance tests. This will not affect the compliance test execution.

Known issues:

  • The advanced signal plot will work as expected during the compliance test execution. While using it in offline mode, it takes longer time than usual to load the complete signal capture & packets.
  • All the functional tests are in BETA version.
  • In Communication Engine MOI: BMC PHY RX INT REJ- test may come as fail rarely if you run this test after executing the BUSIDL test. Need to restart the controller and re-run this test.

Instructions to update the software:

  • Download the software from here.
  • Run the installer and follow the instructions on the screen.
  • After installing the software, please update the firmware of your GRL-USB-PD-C2 before running the tests.

If any issues are experienced with the following Getting Started procedure, please contact for assistance.