USB Power Delivery and Type-C® Tester and Analyzer (GRL-USB-PD-C2) – Beta

Granite River Labs Inc is pleased to announce the release of GRL USB-PD_C2 USB Power Delivery and Type-C® Tester and Analyzer Software version Link

Key updates:

  • Updated support for Power Delivery 3.0 Tests Version 1.13.
  • Updated support for Deterministic PD Compliance MOI Version 1.14
  • Updated Thunderbolt 3.0 power test cases.
  • Updated software with advanced signal plot and supports Save /Recall of waveforms.
  • Update the calibration data to accommodate cable compensation.
  • Fixed: Get capability read returns packet not captured error for Consumer only DUT.
  • Fixed: BMC_PHY_MSG test case to execute SOP’ and SOP’’ related checks only for the DFP DUT.
  • Fixed: Deterministic PHY E9 test case BIST message capture count mismatch.
  • Fixed: QC4- TID_13_Voltage and current test case by validating power limit flag.
  • Fixed: TDA. BMC PHY TX EYE test Case if DUT sending continuous BIST message.
  • Fixed: HTML report file generation.
  • Fixed: Added 5A Cable emulation for VNDI E9 test case
  • Fixed: VNDI E10 and VNDI E11 based on DUT type if Provider_Only/ Consumer_Only, ignore VIF since PR_swap fields will not be available in those DUT types.
  • Fixed: VCONN 5.75V and 2.75V switching
  • Provision to configure Capability mismatch flag bit in Communication Engine CTS tests part of Thunderbolt power testing requirement
  • Included more detailed test setup image for QC 3.0 test cases for 2 port DUT
  • Optimized Deterministic test cases

Known issues:

  • While running Deterministic tests TD-PD-LL-E1, TD-PD-SNK E1, TD-PD-CP E1, TD-PD-VDMU E17, TD-PD-PHY-E8 in few cases the tests will report as “Incomplete”.
  • New Getcaps/generating VIF feature is still under Validation. This is not used in any of the test cases.
  • Functional and Source power tests are in Beta, you may encounter inconsistent results.
  • While running Quick Charge 2.0/3.0 tests select GRL Special cable in product capability panel. Not selecting “GRL Special cable” may result in incomplete test results.
  • New signal plot is under beta release, if the plot closes during testing the test case execution will not be impacted.
  • If the DUT supports SVID, load VIF may not load SVID correctly. This will not impact the test case. You can ignore the SVID display.
  • Emulator – Beta: While loading the power profile you may need to restart the GRL-USB-PD-C2/F1 controller.
  • Very rarely you may encounter “Ethernet communication error”, restart the controller will restore the communication with the controller.

Instructions to update the software:

  • Run the installer and follow the onscreen instructions
  • After installing the update the firmware of your GRL-USB-PD-C2 before running the tests

If any issues are experienced or difficulty in executing the tests please contact for assistance.