Options & Accessories

GRL-USB-PD-C2 – GRL USB 3.0 Type-C Power Delivery Tester (HW + SW)

GRL-USB-PD-C2-QC – Upgrade GRL-USB-PD-C2 to Qualcomm QuickCharge 4+ (SW Upgrade)

– USB Type-C Physical Layer Test Controller (HW and API Only)

– Upgrades GRL-USB-PD-CTRL to PD3.0 Tester (SW Upgrade)

– GRL USB PD 3.0 Software for Oscilloscopes (SW Only)

– GRL USB PD 3.0 Software for Oscilloscopes (SW with USB HW License)

GRL-USB-PD-FRS (Coming Soon) – GRL Fast Role Swap (FRSWAP) Board set (HW Only). Package includes GRL-C2-FRSWAP AUTO Box Board and GRL-C2- EXT1 DisplayPort Fixture, LFPS & FRSWAP Control Board.

GRL-USB-PD-PSB (Coming Soon) – GRL Protocol Sniffer Board (HW Only)

GRL-USB-PD-PTK – GRL Scope Probing and Triggering Kit (HW Only). Package includes BNC to BNC Cable and GRL-C2- EXT4 Probing Board.

GRL-USB-PD-C2-CAB1 – GRL USB PD Cable, Type-C VCONN passthrough (HW Only)

GRL-USB-PD-G2NCB – GRL Gen 2 Noise Calibration Board (HW Only)

GRL-USB-PD-SAB – GRL Serial Interface (SI) Automation Board (HW Only)

GRL-USB-PD-ELDC – External E-Load Connector (HW Only)

GRL-USB-PD-FCB (Coming Soon) – GRL Type-C Functional Compliance Board (Q3) (HW Only)

USB Cable (Standard Type A to Type B) – Upgrade GRL-USB- PD-C2 firmware (HW Only)

Ethernet Cable (3m Cat 5) – Connect GRL-USB- PD-C2 to controller PC (HW Only)