VESA Hosts Standing Room-Only DisplayPort Event in Taiwan

September 12th, 2012 by Admin GRL

(original VESA press release)

VESA has completed our first compliance and testing workshop event in Taiwan, and what else can we say but that the interest level was truly amazing! One key takeaway for the future is that we need a bigger room. With more than 120 people from 40 companies attending, the event was standing room only!

Compliance and interoperability are two items that VESA believes are critical for DisplayPort’s continued success. Because Taiwan is an important global technology hub within Asia, the Taiwan DisplayPort Compliance workshop was designed to provide Asia-based companies an in-depth overview of the standard and what is required for testing and compliance.

For the one-day event, we partnered with one of our testing facilities, Granite River Labs (GRL), and a host of test equipment manufacturers, to deliver a series of free seminars on compliance and interoperability. This was followed by discussion about the DisplayPort Logo Program requirements and hands-on testing with equipment manufacturers during the afternoon. Both sessions were well attended by both VESA members and non-members, creating a great dynamic at the event.

We are very pleased with the success of this event, and believe the strong interest we saw from Taiwanese and other Asian manufacturers means adoption of DisplayPort will continue to grow, and many new companies want to learn about DisplayPort implementation and testing. The excitement we saw from the 40 companies attending was so great that we have already begun planning our next Taiwan workshop event!

Once planning has finished and a date is set for this next event, we will post details on the homepage. Be sure to check back!