Cable & Connector

Led by a team of experts in cable and connector design, signal integrity, and failure analysis, GRL provides a full range of Cable and Connector test and design services addressing electrical, mechanical, and environmental testing and troubleshooting. Our state of the art facilities feature the latest 400G-capable equipment and experts ready to help you ensure your cable and connector design and manufacturing success. GRL takes a leading role in enabling new and emerging technologies, and we help our customers design products to meet these challenges.


GRL’s Cable & Connector Services include:
1. Official Certification
2. Compliance/Conformance Testing
3. Reliability and Failure Analysis (FA) Test Services and Consulting
4. Cable Signal Integrity Design Consulting, Simulation and Modeling

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Official Certification

GRL offers Official Compliance Testing & Logo Certification for the following technologies:

  • USB Type-C, HDMI 2.1 Ultra High Speed Cable, HDMI Premium Cable, MFi Lightning, DisplayPort
  • Expected 2021: Thunderbolt

Compliance/Conformance Testing 

GRL tests and troubleshoots cable and connectors on ANY standard and ANY form factor including:

  • Proprietary interconnects
  • Passive and active cables
  • Full cable assemblies, raw/bulk cable and connectors
  • Performance Benchmarking

Reliability Signal Integrity, Reliability and Failure Analysis (FA) Test Services and Consulting

GRL offers a wide range of Reliability test services to simulate natural environments such as temperature, humidity and vibration to help identify potential issues that could impair overall quality or lead to a non-compliance issue with regulatory standards. We also offer Failure Analysis and design consulting to troubleshoot and fix Mechanical, Environmental, and Signal Integrity related issues.




Cable Signal Integrity Design Consulting, Simulation and Modeling 

GRL provides a comprehensive set of services and deep domain expertise across a range of interfaces, disciplines, and test methodologies that focus on solving complex hardware design and validation challenges. Many of our independent services and capabilities are unique in the industry.

  • VNA & TDR Analysis
  • Design troubleshooting
  • Fixture Design & Validation
  • Fixture/connector de-embedding