Ethernet Test FAQ

Related questions before testing 

  1. What needs to be provided before Ethernet testing? 

For more information, refer to the Ethernet process page


2. What is the setting of Ethernet sending test samples? 

Before testing, please confirm that your product can enter the testing mode smoothly. The test needs to be carried out in the test mode. Please provide GRL with the method or instruction to enter the test mode.

Please “Contact GRL” to ensure that your product can be tested smoothly.


Issues during testing 

1. If the product supports Low Power mode, do I need to turn it off during testing?

During the test, the time for each item is at least 5-10 minutes. If the product supports Low Power mode, your product must be able to turn off Low Power mode to facilitate testing. If your product enters sleep or standby mode before it runs out of test items, the test instrument will likely Fail.

Please contact GRL


Related issues after testing

1. Can the samples be returned after the test is completed? 

Yes, but if your product is special, GRL may investigate your consent and keep samples for 2 months.