DisplayHDR Product Certification FAQ

Membership & test process related issues

1. VESA member inquiry and application? 

If your product supports DisplayPort or alt-mode functions, you need to register as a VESA member and pass the DisplayPort certification before you can obtain the DisplayHDR qualification. If your product only has HDMI interface, you also need to become a VESA member.

Check if your company is VESA member

You can go to the association website to check whether your OEM/original factory is an association member《Click here to check》

Apply for membership

(Members can be OEM or Branding manufacturers, you can choose one)


  • VESA member online application
  • VESA annual fee payment method is related to the company’s annual turnover


2. DisplayHDR test limit? 

DisplayHDR mainly tests the display of chroma and brightness of the screen. Although it is a test established by the VESA Association, this test can also be performed if your product has an HDMI/Thunderbolt interface. In other words, this test is not necessarily only for DisplayPort products.

*Note: If your product supports DisplayPort or alt-mode function, you need to pass the DisplayPort certification before you can obtain the DisplayHDR qualification.《Reference DisplayPort Testing》


3. Who can use DisplayHDR Logo? 

  • Passed the test
  • Sign VESA DisplayHDR Trademark License Agreement

If your company’s products have passed the test , you need to sign the DisplayHDR  Trademark License Agreement with VESA to use the DisplayHDR Logo.

This document only needs to be signed once for each company, and there is no additional charge.


4. How to check the products that have passed DisplayHDR certification

If your product has passed the test. You will only receive a Congratulation Letter email from GRL. At the same time, if your product has passed the test, it will be posted on the official website:<Visit site here>


5. After DisplayHDR certification is passed, can the samples be taken back? 

If the DisplayHDR test has passed the certification, the sample can be retrieved.


6. Does the Family Model need to be certified again? 

If the main certification model has an extended model (Family Model), if it meets the requirements of the Family Model, no additional testing is required. Please provide the Family Model application form to GRL before the certification, and we will help you to submit it to the Association for review 《Download family model form》


Product specifications & preparations related issues

1. Is DisplayHDR the same as HDR10+/HLG? ?

Not the same, please refer to the following differences

Display HDR Logo Description


2. DisplayHDR classification & specifications? 

Before submitting for testing, please confirm which of the following items your product belongs to, and fill in the following form


Refer back to《DisplayHDR Certification Process》