Quick Charge Product Certification FAQ

Membership & Test Process Related Issues

1. Is there a Quick Charge membership application? 

Qualcomm does not yet have a membership system. If you want to produce or develop QC products, you need to sign an NDA with Qualcomm before you can legally produce QC products. If your company has not signed an NDA with Qualcomm, please contact Qualcomm’s contact window: Josh Warner; Contact mailbox: BrandPortal@qti.qualcomm.com


2.How do I check the Quick Charge products certified by Qualcomm

The following are the usage conditions for the Quick Charge logo

  • Pass the Quick Charge test
  • Sign the Logo Trademark License Agreement (After you finish uploading the outer packaging, it will automatically pop up on BrandPortal to let you confirm the signing. One signature per company)

Qualcomm updates the list of certified products every monthhttps://www.qualcomm.com/documents/quick-charge-device-list


3. What are the requirements for the Quick Charge Logo or packaging

Please log in to your company’s account password, enter this link and refer to the document ID: M-17831



4. Quick Charge Certification is passed can the samples be returned? 

The samples can be returned one week after the product is certified.


5. What if my product needs to be resold to other manufacturers? 

If your product needs to be resold to other manufacturers, or if you have sockets in different countries (same motherboard) you need to apply to a secondary certificate.

To apply for a secondary certificate, you need to provide the following information. You will also need to contact the sales staff to provide a quotation and confirm whether you meet the qualifications for the secondary certificate

  • Product Information Sheet “Download Form”
  • Product wiring diagram
  • Product BOM
  • Product specification


Product Specifications & preparation related issues 

1. Which Quick Charge products can be certified for GRL? 

At present, GRL can certify products on the Source (power supply) side. If your product is a Sink (receiving) side or a DRP (Source+Sink function) product needs to be certified, please contact Qualcomm: BrandPortal@qti.qualcomm.com


2. What do I need to prepare for Quick Charge certification? 

  • Product information sheet
  • VIF (required if your product is QC4 or QC4+)
  • Product writing diagram
  • Product BOM
  • Product specification

Quick Charge test certification process, click for reference 


3.Do all Quick Charge car charger/travel charger/charger product need to use a Quick Charge certified chip? 

Yes. All Quick Charge End Products need to use Qualcomm’s certified chips.


Qualcomm & Quick Charge is a registered trademark of Qualcomm Incorporated.

Qualcomm Quick Charge is a product of Qualcomm Technologies.