USB Power Delivery Production Testing

USB Power Delivery  Production Test

( All USB produced connectors need to use USB-IF certified connectors)

USB Power Delivery Production Test Options


USB Power Delivery Specification of Power Supply Wattage

Please make sure that your product is made according to the following power supply design specifications

USB Power Delivery Power Wattage Specification


USB Power Delivery Items Required Before Testing


Instruments Used to test USB Power Delivery

◎ Represents USB-IF approved instrument

▲ Represents USB-IF approved instrument application

Instruments used in testing USB PD


Communications Test:

Deterministic Test:

Type-C Functional Test:

  • Ellisys Explorer 350
  • LeCroy Voyager M310P

Battery Charging 1.2 Compliance Test:


Source Power Test:

  • QuadraMAX

Interoperability Test:

  • MacBook 2016
  • Google Phone Pixel2
  • Google PixelBook

PD 3.0 Test:

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