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GRL’s Test Solutions are founded on two key principles:

  1. Labs should get the maximum value from the large investment that they’ve made in test equipment
  2. Testing should be a lot easier than it is today; engineers should not have to invest large amounts of time to use test equipment to meet their test goals given the large capital investment that they’ve already made.

These principles originated from GRL’s own demanding needs as a lab servicing many interface technologies and customers.  As a lab requiring a lot from its test equipment, GRL was increasingly unable to find test solutions to meet its requirements or not satisfied with existing solutions.  Others in the industry with similar test challenges shared these frustrations.

To address the many gaps existing in the test solutions space, GRL has partnered with the major test equipment vendors like Agilent Technologies, Tektronix, Teledyne LeCroy, Artek, Introspect, and Total Phase to develop test methodologies, scripts, and software automation applications and create unique and easy to use test solutions.  When test equipment hardware is not available, GRL works with IC and IP vendors to develop a test solution around their hardware.

Granite River Labs Test Solutions focus on solving the challenges of newer test methodologies and standards to ultimately provide test engineers with a simple, easy to use, automated test application.  With GRL’s test software, test engineers can often use existing equipment already in their labs, use cost effective test hardware, or make sure they get the most out of new high performance test equipment purchased.

GRL’s Test Solutions range from pure Electrical signal quality measurements to Protocol/Application Exercisers and Analyzers, to hybrid Integrated Electrical/Protocol/Application approaches.

IoT Test Solutions

Electrical Test Solutions

  • BERT Receiver (Rx) Test Automation
  • VNA/TDR Test Automation
  • Oscilloscope Transmitter (Tx) Test Automation
  • IC Characterization Test Automation Framework

Protocol Test Solutions

  • Protocol Exerciser Automation
  • Protocol Compliance
  • Protocol Stress
  • Protocol Analysis

Hybrid Electrical/Protocol Test Solutions

  • Oscilloscope Protocol Decode & Analysis
  • System Margin Validation
  • Integrated Multi-Layer Stress Testing
  • Manufacturing Testers

Test Hardware Accessories